Claudia F is a singer, songwriter, performer of Italian origins based in London, UK.
Claudia F’s project was born in 2010 after a trip to Ibiza, where she saw the amazing performers on the “white island” and took inspiration from them, especially Baby Marcelo and the crew of La Troya.
The first public performance was in 2011 where Claudia F organized her own event: “Fuckin Sundays” in Bologna.
In 2012 she participated in two drag queen contests in Italy: “Drag for one night” and “Miss Drag Queen Emilia Romagna” where she arrived 3rd in both competitions and launched her in the Italian drag queen’s scene.
In the same year she collaborated with the well-known Italian drag queen performer Minerva Lowenthal for the tribute-show “MDNA vs MNRV” during Padova Gay Village.
She worked also for some clubs as Frozen in Modena and Kindergarten in Bologna.
During this year she recorded her first EP “Am I worng?” in Bologna in Mauro Remari’s studio.
At the end on 2012 she moved to London to start a new chapter of her career; there in 2013 she shot the video of her first single ‘Am I Wrong?’ directed by Samantha Eyers.
In 2014 Claudia F took part in the beautiful musical ‘Elegies for angels, punks and raging queens’ directed by Marc Kelly on stage at ‘The White Bear’ theatre in Kennington and performed for the Chinese New Year at Bar Titania in Soho.
At the end of the same year she performed at Proud Cabaret for the 10th anniversary of ‘One night only’ a charity event for World AIDS day directed by the choreographer Wilmot Mulley.
In 2015 Claudia F participated in the national contest “Drag Idol Uk” winning heats at Central Station in King’s Cross, Halfway to Heaven in Charing Cross and The Old Ship in Limehouse.
2016 has been a great year for Claudia F: she competed again in Drag Idol UK performing at great venues such as The Two Brewers, Central Station and Admiral Duncan.
Throughout all year she performed constantly in various venues like the Northcote Arms in Leyton, Poison Ivy and Marine Tavern in Brighton which led to her live performance during Gay Pride in Brighton in the summer. She also hosted the shows “Happy Chinese New Year” at the Museum of Comedy in Holborn and “Reach out and Touch!” at Club 14 in Leicester Square. 
But most importantly during the summer she released her first EP: “Am I wrong?” available on all on line platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer and many more.
The start of 2017 has been even fuller of events: she hosted again “Happy Chinese new year” this time at the Napoleon Casino in Leicester Square and she competed in the VIX Factor at Halfway to Heaven, the competition to find the next member of the super girl band The Vixens reaching the final rounds. She has been nominated for the second year in a row in the Best New Cabaret Act in the Boyz Awards and she performed live at London Gay Pride in July and Brighton Gay Pride in August.
But the most exciting event of 2017 has been the release of her second EP “Here and now” on all the online music platforms: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal and many more. On the 5 th of May she also launched her EP at the Two Brewers in Clapham with a fantastic live gig and the launch of the official video for the single “I got you” on YouTube and Vimeo.
Claudia F is now entering various national and international music contest: Open Mic UK, Salute Music contest and Scofen Music Contest, stay tuned for more news!!


What to expect from Claudia F’s show? A powerful and dynamic performance! Being a professional trained performer, Claudia F sings always live and dances as well on high heels! She can sing songs from a wide spectrum of choices, from House music, passing through pop, r’n’b and dance music. One of the aspects that distinguishes Claudia F is her big energy and strong presence on stage. She always loves to go up on the podium and entertain dancing from there too!


One of the most important sides of Claudia F’s project is the music production. She is so proud to be one of the few Drag Queen artists to write her own songs.
Since young age she’s been influenced from dance music of the 90’s, the club scene, passing then to her passion: House Music. Her music roles are the amazing House Divas: Michelle Weeks, Barbara Tucker, Jocelyn Brown, Su Su Bobien, Sabrinah Pope, Inaya Day, Amanda Wilson, Michelle Hellers, Lisa Millet, Martha Wash etc.. and producers like Freemasons, Masters @ Work, Bini and Martini, Warren Clarke, Jamie Lewis, Todd Terry, Junior Jack, Basement Jaxx and many more.
Having studied music, Claudia F follows every step of the development of her songs: from the lyrics to the music score, the production and backing vocals. In her songs she always tries to send a message to people, underlining the importance of being yourself and respecting the differences that characterising us.
She knows how important music is for the people, because in first place has been very important to her.
So the main thing that she wants to do is sending good messages out there!
Her music is a mix of House, Pop and Dance: all genres that she loves and have influenced her throughout her life. In the videos too, the most important thing is sending a message, to make people think, even if it’s house or dance music. She firmly believes that House and dance music can inspire people.


Claudia F’s outfits are always particular and peculiar. Forget the idea of a classic Drag Queen with long sequins dresses and big wigs! Her outfits are sexy, edgy and sharp.
Strongly influenced from Ibiza’s style, her outfit try to blend different fashion eras: ancient with new, classic with tech, creating fabulous concepts.
Sometimes very colourful, sometimes dark and gothic Claudia F always tries to impress her crowds using garments and accessories in a complete different and unexpected way.
You can find elements from circus, ancient Greece, goths, pop, burlesque, ballet, Victorian era and fetish as well.



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