Lockdown Rave part 2 was amazing!

Since the lockdown started a month ago here in the UK, a lot of Queer artists moved their shows online to keep people entertained. This is what we love to do, make people forget their worries even if only for a while. So I jumped on the bandwagon as well and started my own series of online shows on Facebook live. The first one went really well, so I decided to keep going: I started accepting song requests from my fans and I am loving it! It gives me a challenge and an aim and I am also updating my repertoire with some many new tunes! I managed also to raise some funds thanks to my lovely fans and followers and bought some new items for my wardrobe!!

Next lockdown rave is in one week time on Facebook Live, just look for Claudia Prini! New songs, chat, banter and beer! 🙂

See you on line

Claudia F


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