This bitch is back!

Hi Guys!!

It has been such a long time since the last time I have been posting something on here! So much has happened: I almost given up on my project altogether last year. I needed a break from everything, I lost my focus and thought that drag and music wasn’t my thing anymore; but I was so wrong! I even sold 80% of all my gear: wigs, heels, dresses, jewellery ..everything… and then, after long months, watching the very show that I used to host I realised how much I have missed all this. As someone once told me: “you were born a performer and you always will be one”; how true! So I had some sparse gigs here and there since December; I was testing the waters: I needed to see with my own eyes that I still had it in me, that I could still entertain a crowd..and oh boy I did!!!! 🙂 So here I am, back again, with a renewed energy! This lockdown and the state of our world obviously is not helping us out, but I can restart from where I left: new ideas, new songs, new energy, new goals…. new Claudia!

Stay tuned and watch this space!


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